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linguistics tutorials: tutorials and how-tos for learning methods and techniques of corpus and computational linguistics, natural language processing and basically all kinds of linguistic approaches that help us gain a better understanding of how language works. The following collection of tutorials aims to help students work with state of the art tools in the field of natural language processing, corpus and computational linguistics. It is not only targeted at beginners, but also to advanced users who would like to work on their own with tools that are commonly used in corpus and computational linguistics. The tutorials are intended to facilitate self-study accompanying courses or independently of courses.

Alphabetical index of all tutorials

System set-up for corpus and computational linguistics

This section provides some general advice on setting up your computer system for research in corpus and computational linguistics and related disciplines. In this tutorial section I am sharing advice to students and researchers on how to set up a useful set of tools for work on their own local machines.

type tool version source
editor Visual Studio Code —– —–
terminal Windows terminal app —– —–
Power Shell —– —–
programming language Adopt Open Java JDK —– —–
Python 3 —– —–
data analysis AntConc 3.5.x —–
AntConc 4.x.x —– —–
—– —– —– —–

data exploration and analysis

linguistic processing scenarios

programming in linguistics (and the other humanities)


online learning and teaching