UAM Corpus Tool Export

UAM Corpus Tool allows users to export their annotation projects as xml files. These xml files are not the usual stand-off xml files in which UAM CT stores its projects, but provide an XML file with annotations of a single layer as in-text tagged data. The output can be inpected in the following example:

In order to export your project once the annotation has been completed, click on Project –> Export Layer. A window opens offering two formats, but at this stage, only the first option, “non-standoff XML (tags embedded in the text)” is available; the export for the other format “ILTEC” is currently under construction. So select “non-standoff XML” and select NEXT:

In the next screen, you are asked from which layer you want to export annotations. In this example, KONZEPT is the only layer that contained any annotations, so this is the only layer that is offered. In the following windows, you are asked to provide a folder name for your output. This folder is going to be created as a subfolder of your project folder. Name it “output” or some name you will remember as containing, well, output. Hit the NEXT button and you will be asked under which project folder your output folder is to be created. This will be the main or root folder of your project. Click NEXT again and you're set to export. The software will prompt you when the export is completed.

You can then open the resulting output file in the folder you have created for your output, in my case:


It is best to inspect the result file in either an XML editor such as Oxygen or in a plain text editor such as Notepad++.