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… a web of information for students and researchers in linguistics

This website provides students of linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics and related fields with tutorials, how-tos, links, tools, corpus access and many other types of information useful for research tasks in linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics and digital philology. is a project aimed at supporting and furthering the study of and research in corpus and computational linguistics by means of a variety of materials on methods and techniques in linguistics, natural language processing and other, language related research. is organized into the following main subareas

  • linguistics tutorials: tutorials and how-tos to learn methods and techniques of corpus and computational linguistics, natural language processing and basically all kinds of linguistic approaches that help us gain a better understanding of how language works
  • linguistics glossary: a glossary of terms in linguistics
  • linguistics resources: online information and access to data, reference works and other resources
  • corpusweb: a webinterface that provides access to a set of corpora
  • linguistics references: an annotated bibliography of texts in linguistics

The website is created in collaboration with students and for students. It is focused on methods and techniques as well as materials used in learning and teaching methods in linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics and other areas of digital philology. Its aim is to allow students to explore methods and tools as taught in courses, but also aims to encourage students to try out state-of-the-art tools and techniques on their own and to contribute their own view of what they need to know about the tools in order to use them for independent study.